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Lab Writing Rubric

Gen Physics Syllabus


Steps to join Google Classroom

1. Go to https://classroom.google.com/ 2. You must sign in with your Muchin email address 3. To join a class find your class and use the code associated with it
A1: cswof5
A2: 7chxyz1
A3: peplpum
B1: 4qa86q
B2: pb8o0pr
B3: o2o1pg

Turnitin.com Information

A1: Class ID - 16292795 Password - PhysicsA1
A2: Class ID - 16292832 Password - PhysicsA2
A3: Class ID - 16292879 Password - PhysicsA3
B1: Class ID - 16292899 Password - PhysicsB1
B2: Class ID - 16292930 Password - PhysicsB2
B3: Class ID - 16293051 Password - PhysicsB3